People Think Selena Gomez Dated Justin To Cover Up Her Love For Demi Lovato


Man, oh man. The internet is a dark, beautiful, twisted place.

If you spend 20 minutes on Tumblr, you'll learn more about the world than ever before. I'm serious, it'll suck you right in and life will never be the same again.

One of my favorite things about surfing the web is finding crazy fan theories about celebrities. It's insane what people truly believe is real.

It's also really entertaining. One theory says Taylor Swift is the clone of a Satanist from the 1980s, so uh, that's fun. It's pretty convincing actually, especially after you see the photos.

But now there's an even crazier theory that claims Selena Gomez was never really in love with Justin Bieber.

People think the "Hands To Myself" singer used her relationship with Justin as a publicity stunt to hide her true feelings for Demi Lovato.

YUP, you read that right. You may know Demi and Selena were best friends when they were younger, but then they had a super dramatic falling out.

Demi Lovato on YouTube

Once Selena started hanging out with Taylor Swift, her relationship with Demi began dwindling. Demi didn't take it too well, either, and has been feuding with Taylor ever since.

Many people on Twitter compare Demi's animosity toward Taylor to how "bitter exes" react when their boyfriend or girlfriend starts dating someone new.

If you recall, Demi was questioned about her sexuality after releasing her hit song "Cool for the Summer." Many believed the lyrics were about being a lesbian. She even told British late-night host Alan Carr,

People who believe the theory are convinced Demi and Selena weren't just best friends, but ~lovers~.

And they think Demi and Selena were in a romantic relationship before she moved on to Justin Bieber.

According to this circle of people, JELENA ISN'T REAL.


Man, I need a nap. My brain hurts.

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