Olivia Wilde Dyed Her Hair And Looks Completely Unrecognizable In New Insta Pic

by Mary Kate Hoban
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Summer is rapidly approaching and celebrities seem to be celebrating the change of seasons with new hair.

About a month ago, Katy Perry stunned the internet by rocking a brand-new bleach blonde pixie cut. Katy, is that you?

Then, Selena Gomez chopped off her signature long locks in favor of a short new 'do.

Kylie Jenner also debuted a bold blonde bob at the Met Gala.

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Now, it's Olivia Wilde's turn for change in the hair department.

On Wednesday night, the 33-year-old actress posted a selfie to Instagram -- and she looks totally different.

It turns out, the dark color and short cut are for her upcoming Broadway debut in the play "1984," an adaptation of George Orwell's chilling 1949 novel of the same name.

She captioned the pic, "Dark times call for dark hair #1984play."

This isn't the first time Wilde has changed up her hairstyle, but it's definitely the most drastic.

Wilde first became famous with long blonde hair as Alex, Seth Cohen and then Marissa Cooper's girlfriend in the teenage drama "The OC."

Since then, the mother to Otis, 2, and Daisy, 7 months, has gone short, long, dark and light with her hair, and she always looks absolutely stunning.

It was just three months ago that Wilde shocked us with a short blonde bob.



As a reference, she looked like this in early 2017 at the Women's March on Washington.

And this is what she looked like in March 2016, when she celebrated her birthday while secretly pregnant with her second child.


It's safe to say no matter what hairstyle Wilde rocks, she's going to turn heads.

Meanwhile, her dark hair for "dark times" has us eagerly awaiting her Broadway debut, which she has been teasing now for several weeks.


Wilde will be playing the heroine, Julia, alongside Tom Sturridge and Reed Birney, in the dystopian play set in a totalitarian superstate, which will undoubtedly speak volumes in our current political climate.