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Who Is "Find You" About? Nick Jonas' New Song Has Fans Asking Questions


What a day to be a Jonas fan. Nick Jonas just released his new song "Find You" on the radio, and it's obviously making fans lose their minds. There's so much to analyze, so much to consider, and also, who is "Find You" about? Well... we have some ideas.

Here's what we know: Nick Jonas is NOT dating anyone right now, so the possibilities could be freaking endless. He's been teasing the song since Monday, Sept. 11, but didn't give us any real information until the following day when we learned it was set to release this week. The singer told ET Online that he's really looking to create music that people want to get down to. And by "get down," I mean "have sex." Obviously.

Still, "Find You" has a little too much heart to make me think about getting freaky, like, immediately. In the lyrics, he very clearly references, ya know, someone. Take a look at some of the lyrical highlights:

Ya know, so on and so forth.

In the absence of Jonas naming names, fans can only assume one thing. Nick must be talking about them... in fact, he must be talking about ALL OF US.

Hey, boy, hey.

It makes sense that fans are having such a personal connection with the song, as that's Jonas' whole intention when creating his music. In 2016, he told Los Angeles Confidential, 

Right now, the song has only been heard on the radio, but you can catch highlights in the clips Jonas shared on his own social media below. In them, he is seemingly getting way in touch with nature and also swimming with partially naked girls.

Here's my flash analysis of the music video based on the 30 seconds I have available to me: It's Nick walking in the desert like, "Ugh, I'm so hot and thirsty" and he's "looking" for someone, but really he's looking to be satiated from the incredible pain he's in walking around the desert in jeans. Then, at some point, he finds a water hole and jumps in and is like "YES!" and then bonus, the metaphorical love interests are swimming all around him.

No way to tell yet, but, you guys, check back in with me when the whole video is released.

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