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Nick Jonas "Find You" Lyrics Are Actually Pretty Romantic


Nick Jonas' newest song, “Find You” is finally here and the lyrics are everything. Jonas has been teasing “Find You” like a boss, totally building the anticipation and excitement, but thankfully he didn't keep fans waiting too long. Check out the Nick Jonas “Find You” lyrics below. So, who is Jonas singing about? That's the next mystery to unpack.

The teasers of Jonas in basic jeans and a white t-shirt with the desert as his backdrop more than got everyone's attention. As for “Find You,” who is Jonas finding? Why? Are they lost in the desert? I've got a lot of questions.

Fans are all in with Jonas' new bop, with many showing their love on Twitter. Comments such as: “it's so good! i love this song. #findyou @nickjonas” and “#FindYou is so good Nick never fails to amaze me @nickjonas” prove it's yet another winner for Jonas.

While the praise is piling on, this fan is loving everything and I couldn't agree more, because Jonas has really outdone himself: “@nickjonas your voice, the sound, the acoustic, the lyrics, the visuals wow. #FindYou ”

Others danced along:

This fan is ready to hear this live… yes, this: “to say that I loved is little, that great song, great work and I want to hear it live @nickjonas #FindYou”

And everyone is ready for the "Find You" music video to come out, like, now. Not being impatient or anything, but don't keep fans waiting!

So, now we just have to wait for Nick Jonas to tell us who "Find You" is about.

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