Here Are The Most Googled Celebrities Of 2016

Being the most Googled celebrity in 2016 is like being voted the best at punching old people in the dicks.

Sure, it's an accomplishment, I guess, but you'd have to be a real d-bag to be proud of the achievements that led to you being given this title.

This year sucked. It sucked sooo effing hard. It murdered everyone we loved, it ruined politics, it made Facebook un-scrollable and at one point, just straight-up shot a gorilla in a zoo while kids were watching.

That doesn't mean it was bad for everybody, though. Some people had awkwardly great years in spite of everything going on. A few even had good years BECAUSE of everything going on.

But who reigned supreme? Thanks to Google Analytics, we now have an answer.

These are the top 10 most searched celebrities from 2016.

10. Kevin Durant

No idea why he made it onto this list, but good job, Kevin!

9. Usain Bolt

This year, history's fastest sprinter became the first person to win gold at the same event during three separate Olympic Games.


8. Cam Newton

Note to self: If you are good at football and wear Pharrell hats you will become Google gold.

7. Simone Biles

The breakout star of Rio's Final Five team killed it on the web this year, at one point taking over the White House's Instagram.


6. Ryan Lochte


5. Steven Avery

"Making a Murderer" churned out one of the most unlikely stars 2016 had to offer.

Calumet County Jail

4. Bernie Sanders

At the end of the day, America didn't feel the Bern. The internet did, though.


3. Michael Phelps

The Rio Games marked the end of Michael Phelps' historic career. So get ready to RAKE IN THAT SWEET SWEET POT $$$$, Phelps' dealer!


2. Hillary Clinton

Soooooooooo, we screwed this up...


1. Donald Trump

... like really, really bad.


Here's to hoping 2017 is slightly better than this vomit bucket of a year we've been living in since January.

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