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Severus Snape Actor Alan Rickman Dies At The Age Of 69

Alan Rickman, beloved British actor and the man who brought Severus Snape to life, died at the all-too-young age of 69 after a short battle with cancer.

There are few characters throughout literary history as awkwardly beloved as Severus Snape.

Through most of the "Harry Potter" series, you are forced to believe he is nothing but pure evil with an unyielding and seemingly random hatred for Harry Potter. But then you learn his story and begin to read about Snape’s history with Lily Potter and question what his actual motives are.

This all comes to a heartbreaking conclusion as Snape magically shares his memories with Harry right before dying. These memories showed us heroes aren’t always the ones we expect them to be and goodness can be found even in the darkest places.

The only person who could bring emotional life to this pivotal role’s depth was Alan Rickman, and now, fans are paying tribute to this fallen icon on Twitter.

Rickman was also famous for his legendary portrayal of Hans Gruber in the "Die Hard" movies.

This hellish week has taken two iconic artists from us.

RIP Severus. We'll all turn to page 394 today in your honor.