Michelle Obama Stole Blake Lively's Look For Christmas

You have to admit, Michelle Obama is one stylin' first lady, and we're going to miss her classy-chic sense of fashion in the White House when she's gone.

However, she was recently out-shined (literally) by 29-year-old Blake Lively after wearing the same dress on Christmas day as the actress did over the summer, Yahoo reports.

We aren't sure if she was magically inspired by Lively or if the lovely ladies have the same taste (great minds think alike, right?).

But unfortunately, our FLOTUS couldn't keep up with the actress's sparkly glam that she added to the getup in July.

Lively was spotted over the summer wearing the $468 DVF Penelope silk wrap dress -- the same one Michelle decided to wear to her hubby's address at the Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kailua on December 25.


However, Lively decided to spice up her look by adding a light blue Havita sequin slip underneath the wrap, which alone costs $898 (OUCH -- that's more than my rent, ha).

Let's compare, shall we?

Here's Blake's sparkly blue look.

And here's Michelle's classy, poised getup.

As you can see, there's a clear difference in the way each woman rocked the dress, but I think the sparkles win (I'm sorry, Michelle. You're still fabulous).

That doesn't take away the fact that each of 'em looked fantastic. If I had an extra grand or two lying around, I'd try the look for myself!

(But I don't, and I won't).

Apparently, when Lively chose to rock the expensive shiny slip underneath the wrap dress, she was pregnant with Ines, her and Ryan Reynold's newborn child.

Speaking of Ryan Reynolds, I think he and President Obama would be pals, don't you?

I think one thing they have in common is the fact that they both adore the hell out of their wives, regardless of what kind of dress they're wearing.

Still, Michelle could've used a sparkle or two to glam up her outfit on Christmas to keep up with Blake Lively.

Next time.

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