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Michael J. Fox Congratulates Cubs: 'Only Off By One Year'

This Fox certainly loves a group of bear Cubs.

"Back to the Future Part II" was such an iconic movie because it showed the people of 1989 a future where crazy things happened.

People had hoverboards, Steven Spielberg was on his 19th (and 3D) "Jaws" film and the Chicago Cubs had just won the 2015 World Series.


While moviegoers probably scoffed at this unimaginable feat, times change. Who would guess that the IRL counterpart of the fictional Biff would be running for president?


Side note: Biff's campaign slogan would totally be "Make America Like A Tree And Get Outta Here."

Although 3D films have annoyingly become a thing, the Cubs didn't win the World Series last year, thus proving that Robert Zemeckis is not the reincarnation of Nostradamus.

However, the Cubs did win the World Series championship this very week, just one year off from the film's eerily close prediction.

This led to Michael J. Fox AKA Marty McFly to send this congratulatory tweet to the Chicago baseball team.


The Cubs haven't won in 108 years, and "Back to the Future Part II" gets it right within one year?

That's pretty spooky...

Although, if we're going to talk about a spot-on prediction about the Cubs winning it all, please take a look at this astounding "Parks and Recreation" prophesy that we previously reported about.

Lucy called it, indeed. Someone give her an honorary World Series trophy STAT.

Although to be fair, "Parks and Rec" made their prediction in 2015, not 1989.

The showrunners had somewhat of a better clue that the team would stand an actual chance of winning the championship.

Of course, there was one tweet from 2014 that called the Cubs winning in seven games. It also predicted the end of world would result, so gather your loved ones and hold them tight while the apocalypse approaches.

With that said, I'd like to congratulate the whole city of Chicago on a much deserved and long-awaited win.

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