People Are Upset With Lorde For What She Said About Her Friendship With Taylor Swift – UPDATE

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Lorde is back in all of our lives with the release of her sophomore album Melodrama last week, and honestly, THANK GOD LORDE DID THAT.

Fans collectively combusted when the album came out because it's just that good. And we must respect it.

Critics are already calling Melodrama the best pop album of 2017, but who's Lorde celebrating the album's success with? Her friends, obvi.

Lorde's got lots of friends, lots of ~famous~ friends who may be famous, but they'll never be royal. (I'm really, truly, deeply sorry about that one horrible dad joke. Yesterday was Father's Day, sue me.)

One of her most ~famous~ friends is Taylor Swift, although, after all the drama with Kim and Kanye, I bet she hates the word "famous" and prefers to be called something along the same line of what Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin came up with when they announced they were committing a "conscious uncoupling." *Simultaneously rolls eyes and gags*

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UPDATE: On June 19, Lorde apologized on Twitter to a fan about the comments she made in an interview with The Guardian. A fan tweeted, "I wonder how @selenagomez feels about this. What an incredibly ignorant analogy to make @lorde."

Lorde responded, "@stefinitely85 Didn't mention Taylor, but regardless, I f*cked up and that was really insensitive. I'm sorry."

EARLIER: Anyway, Lorde talked about her famous friend recently, and she upset some fans in the process.

In an interview with The Guardian, Lorde was asked about her friendship with Taylor Swift, and her response was super weird, but I don't think it was meant the way some fans are taking it. You judge for yourself.

She likened her friendship with Swift to people who have friends with autoimmune diseases. She said,

It's like having a friend with very specific allergies. There are certain places you can't go together, certain things you can't do. There are these different sets of considerations within the friendship. It's like having a friend with an autoimmune disease.

Now, this is admittedly in kind of bad taste. Swift, as far as we know, doesn't have an autoimmune disease, so likening the plight of A-list celebrities who have to be careful about where and when they go out to serious medical struggles isn't cool.

I'm sure it's pretty annoying for celebrities when they can't go out with their friends for a simple night out without there being restrictions and difficulties due to their fame, but this is a poor analogy.

Fans have every right to be annoyed about it, especially if, you know, they have an autoimmune disease. Since being famous and living with an illness are most definitely not the same thing. At all. In any universe.

You could've just left the analogy at the allergies part, Lorde.