Kylie Jenner Is Being Accused Of Repackaging Old Lip Kit Colors For More Money

by Hope Schreiber

Kylie Jenner has been coming up with a lot of Ls lately.

Despite making fans lose their damn minds over her pop-up shop opening in New York City, the reality TV star couldn't trademark her name because of singer Kylie Minogue, and fans are suggesting she's trying to make her wax figure's skin tone darker.

Now, it looks like dedicated Kylie fans are calling her out on some shady business practices: repackaging the same shade of lipstick as two different lip kit colors.

Fans of Kylie's lip kits noticed the shade "Blitzen," from Kylie's Holiday Collection, looks eerily similar to "Spice," a shade that already existed.

"Blitzen," part of the mini lipstick holiday set, sold for $36, while "Spice" sold for $29.


Customers took to Twitter to accuse Jenner of repackaging the old product, giving it a new name and marking up the price to cash in on some surplus supplies.

That's pretty sneaky, Kylie. I'll remember this.


It really makes you question if you should invest in Kylie Jenner's latest collection for Valentine's Day. What cheeky holiday name will be used to rebrand an older color?

Are "Heart Eyes," "Loves Me Not" and "Romance" low-key "Spice," too, Kylie?!

Is nothing sacred? Not even this, the day of love?!


Man, this is just like the time my grandmother came into the living room and asked me if I wanted to try cow's tongue.

When I answered "I would rather die," she turned around, came back in with the same meat in a different container and asked if I wanted some roast beef.

I ate cow tongue, that woman tricked me and now, I have severe trust issues and a taste for cow tongue.

You're just going to monopolize on that, Kylie?! The trust issues, not the meat thing.

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