Kim Kardashian Is Wonder Woman In This Cute Throwback

It seems these days the only photos of Kim Kardashian popping up on social media are ones from when she was a tiny, adorable girl.

Like, these throwback pictures are cute and all, but we all miss the adult version of Kimmy.

Also, I think we got way, way too verklempt after Kanye West posted that emotional video tribute to Kim's childhood in honor of her birthday, right?

My keyboard can't take any more fallen tears. Seriously, the Genius Bar won't see me again. Ever.

The reality TV star has gone dark on her social media accounts after the harrowing robbery in Paris where thieves held her up at gunpoint and robbed her of millions of dollars worth of jewelry.

Come back to the light, Kim!

We posted earlier how Kourtney Kardashian thew a positively ghoulish Halloween party, and while Kim was missing from the party, Kourtney decided to show off a picture of the two sisters enjoying All Hallows' Eve from way back in the day.

Get ready to scream "AWW" into your laptop with such a seismic force that you might actually shatter its LCD screen.

Kourtney went as a ballerina (that probably went to Juilliard and is in a lot of student debt), and Kim went as the badass comic book heroine Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot would be honored.

This wasn't the last time a Kardashian went as Wonder Woman, however. Don't you know you always recycle your costumes?

In fact, Kourtney went as the Amazonian warrior just last year. Do you think that Kourtney had been secretly jealous of Kim's costume for years and waited long enough to pull it off herself?


Well, those decades of planning and plotting were extremely worth it, Kourt.

I think I speak for all of us when I wish Kim a fast return to Twitter and Instagram. I need to know what she's being for Halloween.

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