Kanye West Posted An Emotional Vid For Kim K's B-Day And You'll Bawl So Hard

by Robert Anthony

Happy birthday, Kim Kardashian!

Everyone's favorite reality TV star, socialite, businesswoman and habitual selfie-snapper is no longer 35.

Kim Kardashian's 36th birthday, which falls on October 21, is all the talk despite the star keeping a low profile following the robbery in Paris.

While news has surfaced regarding Kanye West's approach to keeping his wife and family safe following the traumatic incident, the 39-year-old isn't going to let a robbery keep him from honoring the love of his life.

In true Kanye fashion, West took to Twitter to post a heartwarming video tribute for Kim's birthday.

WARNING: This may cause you to cry like a big baby.

I'll be honest. At first, I thought he was just sharing an old photo of Kim, but a closer look reveals that Kanye actually had an epic (and super emotional) video made using old, never-before-seen clips from Kim's childhood organized in chronological order.

The video footage is paired with soothing piano-led tunes emitting West's signature musical style.

Throughout the video, viewers are walked through Kim's childhood as she plays with her sisters, jokes around with her dad and tells Santa what she wants for Christmas.

In other words, watching this video Kanye just blessed the world with will make you feel like you've known Kim your entire life. It'll also probably make you cry like a little baby, so be prepared.

In under an hour, Kanye's tweet racked up over 40,000 retweets and 78,000 likes on Twitter.

Here's Kanye West's heartwarming, emotional video tribute to Kim Kardashian for her 36th birthday.

There's been no word on how many balled-up tissues were formed during the viewing of this video...

But you can add ours to the list!

Twitter users could NOT get enough of the emotional video.


The excessive sobbing just couldn't be controlled.


Some people were just surprised to see Kanye tweet at all. He'd been pretty quiet prior to Kim's birthday.


But most of us... yeah, we got SUPER emo over this vid.


Kim and Kanye forever. Get with it, people!


Happy birthday, Kim! Don't let the haters get you down. And welcome back to Twitter, Kanye (I hope).