First Suspect Charged In Kim Kardashian Robbery Is A 63-Year-Old Man

by Robert Anthony

French authorities continue to make progress in the ongoing investigation of the Kim Kardashian robbery.

Earlier this week, French police were said to have made a total of 17 arrests in connection with the incident that left the 36-year-old star traumatized.

In October 2016, Kim was held up at gunpoint by a group of masked men inside the lavish No Address Hotel during Paris Fashion Week. The assailants made off with jewelry worth nearly $10 million.


After an intense three-month investigation, French police are finally ready to nab the suspects responsible for the crime.

The 17 people arrested were reported to be ages 23-73. Three arrestees were women, and the rest were men. One of the suspects was said to have been Kim's longtime Paris chauffeur, a 27-year-old man.

Another suspect arrested was a 72-year-old man under the alias “Pierre B.”

Most recently, TMZ reported the first suspect in connection with the robbery has been charged with "armed robbery in an organized gang, kidnapping and criminal association."

The suspect has been identified as a 63-year-old man named Yunice A.

Updated reports state three other men are facing complicity charges in connection with the robbery in addition to the 63-year-old man.

Out of the three additional suspects charged, one of them is reportedly the younger brother of Kim's chauffeur, a 27-year-old identified as Gary M. He's being charged with assisting an armed robbery and kidnapping.

Another suspect is a 64-year-old man who is believed to have been in the process of organizing a sale of the stolen jewelry. He is facing conspiracy charges.

The last suspect arrested and charged is a 44-year-old man identified as Florus H.

As for the remaining suspects arrested, six of them are expected to stand before a judge prior to the upcoming weekend. They currently remain in police custody.

One of the suspects in custody is believed to have been the culprit responsible for tying Kim Kardashian up in a bathtub. His name is Omar. Reports reveal the 60-year-old man's DNA was discovered on the tape used during the incident.

I know what you're thinking... Most of these suspects are pretty fucking old.

French media outlets have used the term "grandfather robbers" when reporting on the older men involved in the robbery of Kim Kardashian. The alleged assailants are apparently known by French police for past criminal activity.

One of the indicted suspects named Marceau B. was reportedly involved in two other robberies that took place on highways before the Kim K. robbery.

The thieves allegedly disguised themselves as policemen before stealing $6.5 million worth of precious jewels. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?!

While the investigation seems to be leading to the arrests of those responsible for the heinous crime against Kim Kardashian, there are still a few more days to go before all suspects are held accountable for their actions if guilty.

Still, the 36-year-old mother-of-two is said to already be "very happy" and "very reassured" by the recent progress of the investigation. Just last month, law enforcement admitted they were “nowhere near” catching the criminals.

Now, it seems all that has changed. It's only a matter of time before Kanye can get a good night's sleep again!

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