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Kim K's Paris Concierge Says He Knew Hotel Wasn't Safe: 'Nothing Was Locked'


Ever since Kim Kardashian was tied up and held at gunpoint earlier this month, there has been debate as to whether or not the concierge of the luxurious Parisian hotel was an insider to the robbery.

At first, it made a lot of sense -- he was the only guard on duty during the break-in.

He was then handcuffed, held at gunpoint and taken up a private elevator where the gang was able to enter Kim's bedroom and use him as an interpreter, according to MailOnline.

But now "he" is speaking out, and he goes by the name of Abdulrahman.

Abdulrahman, 39, blames Kim's armed robbery on the hotel's lack of effective security.

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In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, he confessed Hôtel de Pourtalès posed danger to its guests because it lacked CCTV cameras of any sort.

He stated,

Apparently, the lack of security cameras was to ensure high-profile celebrities and clients wouldn't be filmed coming in and out of the building.

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The only camera that was installed inside of the hotel didn't even work. He said,

To make matters even worse, Abdulrahman disclosed Kim's hotel room didn't even have a bolt lock, which should have been a red flag immediately.

The topper, though, is the hotel's front door code has apparently not been changed in six years.

To test the hotel's security firsthand, MailOnline tried the door out for themselves.

Guess what? They reportedly got in without a sweat.

MailOnline used the key code that hadn't been changed -- even after Kim's robbery -- to enter the building.

The only "security" inside were a male security guard and a female concierge, MailOnline reports.

Um, you'd think they'd step their game up, right? C'mon, guys.

Abdulrahman remains adamant the hotel is to blame for Kardashian's scare, stating,

Hey, he's right. Without a CCTV, you're asking for trouble.

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