When Will KKW Beauty Restock? Many Contour Kits Are Already Sold Out

by Jamie LeeLo
Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

What? You think you're special because you snagged one of Kim K's contour palettes before they sold out? Well guess what?!?!?! YOU ARE SPECIAL.

That sh*t was insane, and to be honest, I have no idea how your web browser didn't just explode because I tried for like an hour before giving up and losing myself in a glass of casual work day rosé.

I mean, what? Who said that?

Kim Kardashian's beauty line KKW Beauty sold out in just mere minutes on Wednesday, June 21, leaving fans and makeup lovers in an out-and-out tizzy on Twitter.

Now, those of us who missed the seriously popular contour boat are wondering when she will restock and take all of our money.

As a special snazzy piece of her KKW Beauty launch, Kardashian also released more of her KKW lip kits that she did in collaboration with lip specialist and younger sister, Kylie Jenner.

What generosity, Kim! WHAT ELSE CAN YOU GIVE US?!

Of course, makeup lovers likely will be flocking to sources like eBay to let the trading and bidding begin, but fans are probably still holding out that Kim isn't done with us yet.

Based on the speed in which Kylie's lip kits sold out, it's possible that Kim and her team anticipated an onslaught of purchases like this and are hopefully prepared. Maybe there will be a special release later today? Maybe tomorrow? Maybe next week and she'll throw in a waist trainer for funsies?

Whatever Kim is selling, we are always buying, even if that means a $48 dollar stick of face paint designed to change the fundamental and biological make up of our natural face so we can conform to society's standards of beauty.

You know what they say... beauty is fame. (UGH, thank you so much. I will be here all night.)

Congratulations, Kim! PLEASE keep us posted.