Kim Kardashian Wore Nothing But A Trench Coat To Paris Fashion Week


It's Paris Fashion Week, so obviously Kim Kardashian's style is a saggy trench coat sans underwear.

Yep, the model/mom/number one Kanye West fan has ditched her bra for like the 91st time this year and we're starting to think she's burnt them all in a moment of passionate liberation.

Kim walked the runway for the Balenciaga spring/summer show in the French capital this weekend.

This time, however, she was not attacked by the strange man who tried to kiss her bum the other day and claim it as a prank (it was that same creep who picked up Gigi Hadid and received an elbow to the grill).

She posted a pic on Instagram and said she did the walk makeup-free. Love the skin you're in, Kim! I mean, I definitely would if my skin were worth as much as hers.

The reality TV star rocked the look with thigh-high boots, which kind of makes her look like that bad guy from Spider Man (I think his name is Venom).

It may not surprise you to know this isn't the first time Kim's been pictured without chesticle support.

Only the other day, her loyal crew of photographers snapped her displaying some in-your-face nipple under a sheer top.

It raises the question: Just how vital is underwear in 2016?

Probably quite vital, you know, for hygiene reasons. But should we all be embracing this movement?

The answer is yes. Absolutely yes.

I have no scientific basis to back this up, nor the full logic, other than it just feels like the right thing to do.

You win, Kim. You've turned me into a convert.

Today, I wear no underpants.