Kim K Curses Out Woman Scott Disick Brought Home In Cringeworthy 'KUWTK' Clip

by Jamie LeeLo
Getty Images

Sure, there is an insane amount of the population that prays to Kim Kardashian and follows "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" like it's their religion, but that doesn't mean the megastar is exempt from making any, like, super cringeworthy moves.

On Sunday night, "KUWTK" found an emotionally distraught Scott Disick hiding a girl in his hotel room after a night of binge drinking and partying.

Kim, who becomes hip to the scandal, seems to snap and goes tearing through Disick's hotel room trying to find her.

Of course, just as Kim barges into the bathroom where the woman in hiding, the episode dissolves into a "To Be Continued..." title card, but not before Kim spits out some nasty words and derogatory phrases, calling this woman a "whore" and a "tramp."

Oof. Kim.

While it isn't too far of a stretch of the imagination to assume that girls could hang around the infamously hot-and-cold father of three just for a brush with fame, that doesn't give Kim the right to lash out at this woman for Scott's decisions.

Also, let's all agree to retire "whore" from our vocabulary, yes?

Kim explains in her solo interview that her aggressive behavior seemed to come out of nowhere. She said,

Something came over me, I was like, 'He has a girl hiding somewhere and we're gonna find her.'

Scott also offers some insight into his behavior.

Kourtney and I have been spending a lot more time together, so I decided to take her and the kids to Aspen and she agreed to go. So for me that's a big thing... I've been really present and I haven't been drinking. A year or so ago, I feel like there was a point where we didn't even speak or see each other, so this is good.

However, the catalyst for the whole bathroom scandal came when Scott learned Kourtney was at home in LA on a date.

When he asked her directly about it, it sounds like Kourt-Kourt lied and denied the whole thing, sparking Disick to act out.

I don't think she realized a friend of mine saw her. Of course I called her and asked, and she blatantly lied to me. It was somewhat heartbreaking. I just didn't see things going this direction. I feel like everything I've been working so hard for is kind of done now.

He also said, "This is probably the worst thing I could ever hear, ever."

KUWTK fans will have to tune in next week to see how the rest of the confrontation unfolds, and in the meantime, viewers should wait before jumping in on sides of this messy bathroom scene.