Kendall Jenner's 2017 Met Gala Look Is Absolutely Gorgeous

by Katie Corvino
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The Met Gala, in my eyes, is the equivalent of a high school party thrown by the popular kids when their parents are out for the weekend.

It's over the top, exclusive, and if you're not invited, then you're a F*CKING LOSER!!!

Just kidding, but also not really.

Last year, the Kardashians took over the carpet with their bleached eyebrows, metallic blazers, and beaded breasts as us peasants watched from home, taking notes on "how to be cool" in our underwear.

Kendall Jenner was there and she looked like the high school queen bee who dates the football player and calls all the girls in the locker room "ugly."

Was I bullied when I was younger? Haha, no. What makes you say that?

Here's what Kendall wore to last year's Met Gala.

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She was wearing a blue and tan cut-out dress (I'm bad at talking about fashion) and her hair was in a slick-back pony.

The theme last year was "Manus x Machina" so everyone looked like human-robot hybrids, especially Zayn Malik with his stupid metal arm.

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But instead of the celebrities looking like cyborgs, they dressed this year to match the 2017 Met Gala's "Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons" theme.

Yup, the stars gathered at the Metropolian Museum of Art on May 1 to honor the work of the Japanese fashion designer and her fascination with "in-between-ness."

Many celebrities rocked contrasting themes so the night was filled with a lot of poppin' color.

Everyone from Kylie Jenner to Katy Perry was there, so the carpet was flooded with Hollywood's best.

So, was Kendall Jenner at this year's Met Gala? Did she decide to attend?


Unlike Kanye West, our girl Kenny J. showed up wearing a sheer, black gown and looked absolutely stunning.

Kendall Jenner looks like a real-life angel except with no pants...

Check out some of these pics to see for yourself. OOOhhh, Ahhhhhhh!

Congrats on an incredible night, Kendall. I wish I could have your face and bod.