Kanye West Dyed His Hair Pink Like Kylie Jenner And It's Not A Good Look

by Katie Corvino

Kanye West just dyed his hair pink like Kylie Jenner and we should all be concerned.

While leaving a movie theater in Los Angeles, Kanye West debuted new yellow, white and pink hair. Yes, all of those colors really are swirled together on top of his scalp.

The man looks like rainbow sherbet and no one can handle it. Da fuck you do to your head, boy?!

Of course, Kylie Jenner has rocked the look multiple times. She's no stranger to dying her hair crazy colors and wearing bright, bold wigs.

At the beginning of October, the 19-year-old debuted new pink hair. Mmmm, very nice, Kylie. You look like the rose gold iPhone.


Earlier in the year, Kylie had orange hair and looked like a sexy pumpkin. It's crazy, but it works.


But Kanye... WHAT THE HELL, KANYE? Why you look like strawberry banana yogurt?

Why you look like a sunset in the summertime?

Look at his face. Something is not right. Something is not OK.

After the "Famous" singer was released from the hospital following a “psychiatric emergency,” he debuted new blonde hair. 


It was different, but nothing too striking. Like, I could look at this pic and still feel safe at night.

But now... I don't know, you guys. Something just doesn't seem right.


OK, OK, I may or may not be totally exaggerating. Roast me in the comments, it's whatever.

I think the real question we all should be asking ourselves is, "What movie did Kanye West go see?"

"Passengers?" "Moana?" "Manchester By The Sea?"

Did he dye his hair for the movie, or for something else? Does North still recognize her father? Is Saint West even real?

Hopefully some of these questions will be answered soon because I'm worried about our boy.

Hang in there, Kanye. We're here for you.

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