Jason Sudeikis Says Olivia Wilde Almost Had Their Baby At A Beyoncé Concert


If I was born at a Beyoncé concert, that's literally all I'd talk about.

Who doesn't want to be welcomed into the world by Queen Bey? C'MON!

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis' baby girl felt the same way, because she was almost born while the couple was on their way to one of her shows in New York City earlier this month.

According to E! News, Olivia and Jason had a date night on Friday, October 7, and Olivia wanted to see Beyoncé.

Mind you, Olivia was very, very pregnant at the time -- she's such a trooper.

That didn't stop the power couple, and they began their date-night journey to the concert.

When they arrived at the Lincoln Tunnel, traffic was apparently so bad the couple decided to turn around. That's when Olivia's contractions began.

I guess their daughter was mad she wasn't going to get to hear Beyoncé, but how can we blame her?

Sudeikis recently spoke with Harry Connick Jr. about the chaotic ordeal after canceling his appearance on "Harry" last Tuesday. He said,

We came really close. Daisy was born on Tuesday, but on Friday night, [Olivia] and I were going out —date night. This is how confident of a lady Olivia is: She's like, 'Date night, we're going to go see Beyoncé.'

Ugh, I wish I could spend my date night at a Beyoncé concert.

I also wish I had a boyfriend who would spend a date night with me, but I won't digress.

Jason continued, saying,

So, we were in line to get in the Lincoln Tunnel and there was an accident in there. Everything was gummed up, so it was going to take us like an hour to get through the tunnel, and we would have been a half hour late to the concert, which would have been a bummer because we would miss all the choreography and fireworks.

Good decision, guys!

He continued,

I don't know if it was the pressure, if it was the traffic, or the fact that we were going to be late. It was just bad in the back seat of the car. We U-turned and got it out of there. We figured it would be a bad scene to have the baby in a tunnel — and a little redundant!

Apparently, the couple booked it to the Upper East Side in the area of the hospital, and their baby calmed down.

Jason joked their daughter knew they were headed to a Bey concert and was "fired up" about it.

Regardless, the couple didn't have their daughter until Tuesday, October 11.

Her name is Daisy, and she's pretty adorable.


Hopefully she ends up loving Beyoncé as much as her mama and brother do.