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Photos Of Milo Ventimiglia That Prove He's The Hottest Guy In The World


Whether you know him as angsty Jess Mariano on Gilmore Girls or the loving Jack Pearson on This Is Us, it's certain that Milo Ventimiglia is totally irresistible.

He is so insanely hot, but in a low-key kind of way. Like, here I am just living my normal life when all of a sudden, Bam! I'm hit with a shirtless picture of him in my feed. Good for you, Milo.

Below are six pictures that prove he is the absolute hottest man to walk the planet.

1. 40 Never Looked So Good

Milo Ventimiglia is 40. That's four-zero, in case you're not understanding. He's like a fine wine that gets much, much better with age.

2. Back Then

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Is there a hotter bad boy than Jess Mariano? Nope. Move aside, Damon Salvatore. He was unobtainable boyfriend goals before I even understood what that was.

He played Rory's second boyfriend that made all fans swoon. Ventimiglia was surprised about the attention Jess got. In an interview with W Magazine he said,

3. Fan Favorite

He is so good to his fans. Twitter is crawling with silly pics of him and his fans. This would lead me to believe he is as nice as he is handsome. Some people have all the luck.

4. That 'Stache Tho

You would think the straight up 'stache might deter me. It doesn't. We all received a knife through the chest when Jack died, but that only made us love him more. Ventimiglia's favorite fan theory about how Jack died: Miguel killed him.

5. Ultimate Goals

Milo, can you just stop being perfect? No? OK. Shirtless or in suits (swimsuits *wink, wink*), he knows how to work it.

6. Mr. Right

He plays the perfect TV hubby. Ventimiglia divulged to Variety that he was not who the producers and directors were originally looking to cast. He shared,

I seriously could not imagine anyone else playing Jack. Ventimiglia continued,

Next time you need a little eye candy, look no further than Milo Ventimiglia.