Drake Posted A Super Sexual Photo Of Him And Rihanna At OVO Fest

Drake, buddy, we get it, OK?

You wish you were having sex with Rihanna right now. I think we all do.

The 29-year-old rapper posted an Instagram photo of him and RiRi performing at OVO Fest in Toronto on Monday night.

As you can see, Rihanna is backing her butt up into Drake, and Drake, bless him, looks like a child on Christmas morning who also just won the lottery.

Also, can we talk about the caption Drake chose to pair with this photo... the balloon emoji?!?

What does that mean, Drake? That there's a party in your pants and only Rihanna is invited?

Look, even if Drake and Rihanna are officially dating now — which they are, according to some anonymous sources — you know it's the kind of relationship where Drake does anything for his girl and hopes she lets him touch her someday.

On the other hand, Rihanna did fly all the way from Paris to the festival in Toronto, and then to her tour in Sweden, just to perform with Drizzy on Monday.

So I guess you can say it's a give-and-take relationship.