Sorry Drake, But JLo Introduced A-Rod To Her Mom So Yeah, It's Getting Serious

by Tim McGovern

Any hope JLo would somehow would take Drake back after the two split has no more life. (Get it? More Life? I'll go.)

Why? Because things are getting serious AF between Jenny from the Block and her current boyfriend and former Bronx Bomber Alex Rodriguez.

Not only were the two spotted holding hands out and about in New York City (and what a delicious hand sandwich the two make), JLo introduced A-Rod to one of the closest people in her life:

Co-star Ray "Bestie Forevs" Liotta from the show "Shades of Blue."

JK! JLo had A-Rod meet her mom Guadalupe Rodriguez (yes, she has the same last name as A-Rod).

Guadalupe is like, "Uh, I guess I didn't get the sunglass memo. Thanks, jerks."

Same, Guadalupe. I never remember to bring my sunglasses when heading out, and all of my friends always remember to wear them, and I usually look like a blind fool BECAUSE MY EYES ARE SENSITIVE, OK?

But, seriously, can we talk about how happy these two look?

Sorry, Drake. But when it comes to A-Rod and JLo's growing relationship, this GIF pretty much sums it up:

Drake recently attempted to make JLo jealous with a very flirty picture of him and Sade on Instagram.


Nice try, Drake. But based on the way A-Rod could not stop gushing over JLo while he was on "The View," it looks like their love is here to stay.

In my opinion, A-Rod is knocking it out of the park with how he's treating JLo... and he didn't have to use steroids to knock this out of the park this time.

I kid, I kid...

And if JLo trusts him enough to have him meet her own mother, you know this isn't just a spring fling.

You heard it here first, but I truly believe within a year, A-Lo (trademark) might be on their way to the altar. They are truly a match made in heaven the Bronx.

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