Drake Throws Shade At JLo And A-Rod With Flirty Instagram Pic Of Him And Sade


Why does this seem so familiar? Because we've been here before, ladies and gentlemen.

Back before JLo moved on from Drake with Alex Rodriguez and before Drake and JLo were even kind of a serious fling, Drake posted this photo on Instagram:

The rest is history -- a history that I think is being repeated right now as we speak.

Something eerily similar just happened with Drake and Sade, which causes me to believe these two are going to be an item in about (*checks watch*) 13 seconds.

OK, sure, on the surface, it looks like just an innocent picture of Drake and Sade.

However, we need to take in account both evidence and context.

Sade came out of hiding to see Drake in concert. He must mean a lot to her... or do they mean a lot to each other?!

The plot thickens...

Exhibit A: Drake's Cheshire Cat-like grin is something he reserves the right for basketball players he has a crush on and women he has a crush on.

I dare you to compare his smile in the above photo (not this kind of creepy GIF) to the one he shared with JLo. THEY'RE THE EXACT SAME "I'M IN LOVE" SMILE, PEOPLE.

Exhibit B: THAT FLOWER EMOJI. Perhaps this is a new relationship that's... blossoming?

Exhibit C: Drake released his playlist More Life in which he professed he drunk texted JLo and low-key admitted she (maybe) ghosted him.

So, Drake is looking to strike back at JLo's heart the only way he knows how: by writing a super whiny song about her taking a picture with another lady on the 'Gram.

Also, let's try to see a pattern here.

JLo? Sade? Is Drake trying to date every artist he listened to when he was Jimmy on "Degrassi?"

Who's next? Tina Turner?

I guess time will tell if my theory turns out to be true.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to figure out a celebrity couple nickname for Drake and Sade before anyone else.

Drade? Sake? Sadrake?

Sadrake it is...