Chrissy Teigen Put Out A Sexy Workout Video

Chrissy Teigen got into the Christmas spirit by putting on an ass-tastic leotard and doing some bicycle kicks.

No, truly, that's exactly what happened.

Teigen made the video as part of LOVE's annual advent calendar.

As Teigen has become much more well-known for her incredible Twitter account, her Lip Sync Battles and her cooking, it's sometimes difficult to remember she rose to fame through modeling.

Teigen brought that back with this advent video. With her hair in curls, she does some satirical work out moves.

But in typical Teigen fashion, she does the workout all while dreaming of fast food and white wine.


After all, what else do we work out for? To be healthy? Hell no. We work out so we can be unhealthy, of course!

The LOVE advent calendar celebrates what every other advent calendar does -- the countdown to Christmas.

Like all other advent calendars, it serves to remind us of what really matters: Patience, togetherness and boobs.

OK, well, maybe the LOVE advent calendar isn't exactly like all other advent calendars. It doesn't exactly put the "Christ" back in "Christmas," you know?

But in Christian religious tradition, the Christmas season is supposed to be one of joyous celebration. So why not celebrate Chrissy Teigen's glistening ass?

(Note to my mother if she ever reads this: Please don't tell Nonna I said that.)

Teigen has been getting into the more traditional Christmas spirit this month, especially since she's got baby Luna to help her celebrate.

She took Luna to meet Santa Claus with a John Legend stand-in as her husband was out of the country.

This Teigen advent video actually does represent one of the more pressing themes of 2016.

No, I'm not talking about death and chaos. I'm talking about the workout as sexuality.

As athleisure took over, celebrities got super into workout as entertainment. I'm talking about, like, the "Side To Side" Ariana Grande video with Nicki Minaj going up and down on stationary bikes.

I completely relate to this concept as I, too, look flawlessly sexy and definitely not just exhausted and disgusting when I go to the gym.

Merry Christmas, Chrissy!

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