Chrissy Teigen Had A Stand-In For John Legend In Her Photo With Luna And Santa


What would you expect Chrissy Teigen to do if John Legend wasn't able to make it to a photo-op with Santa Claus himself?

Let's see... I'd probably expect her to either tell Santa he's going to have to reschedule, or I'd expect her to FaceTime John on an iPad and pretend he was actually there so Luna wouldn't be mad.

Fortunately, Chrissy Teigen is way more creative than I'll ever be.

The 31-year-old model took to Twitter to share a priceless holiday photo of her and Luna taking a picture with Santa.

The only problem was John Legend couldn't make it to the epic photo session because he was in Paris.

SO, what exactly did Chrissy do? She improvised in the best way possible.

Chrissy took to Twitter, tweeting,

When your husband is in Paris but you gotta get your Santa on.

The accompanying photo? Well, it's the best freakin' part.

When John Legend couldn't take a family photo with wife Chrissy Teigen and baby Luna, Chrissy made it work.

Isn't that the most spot-on John Legend doppelgänger you've ever seen?!

Afterward, Luna and Santa played a game of "I got your nose!"

Chrissy took to Twitter to post the same photo expressing how much she loves the holidays (even without John).

It's safe to say John Legend will never become the dad who's just too busy and too much of a superstar to spend time with his family.

John will always be there -- even if someone has to hold up a paper version of his face. Chrissy's latest holiday photos are all the proof you need.

If you have to work this holiday season or you just can't make it to your family photo sessions for whatever reason, feel free to steal a page out of Chrissy's book! It seems like little Luna didn't even notice that wasn't her dad.