Britney Spears' Niece Has 'Fully Recovered' From Terrifying ATV Accident

by Robert Anthony

Tragedy struck the Spears family after Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter Maddie was involved in a terrifying ATV accident in Louisiana earlier this month.

The accident, which happened at around 3 pm on February 5, caused the ATV Britney Spears' niece was in to flip into a lake. Maddie was said to have been "submerged" in the lake "for several minutes."

After being pulled from the lake by first responders, Maddie was eventually airlifted to a hospital in New Orleans where she was said to be unconscious and in critical condition.

The next day, Britney took to Twitter to ask for prayers and wishes.

Just a day later, the tragic situation began to look brighter for the Spears family. It looks like those prayers worked!

On February 7, the 8-year-old was said to be awake and breathing on her own. Still, she was recovering from the traumatic incident and still needed to be monitored by doctors.

The hospital released a statement, saying,

With her father, mother and stepfather by her side, Maddie regained consciousness mid-day Tuesday, February 7. The 8-year-old daughter of entertainer Jamie Lynn Spears was involved in an ATV accident at a family home Sunday in Kentwood, La. Paramedics resuscitated her and she was airlifted to a local hospital. She is aware of her surroundings and recognizes those family members who have kept a round-the-clock vigil since the accident.

Here's Maddie with her parents.

Most recently, Jamie Lynn Spears took to Instagram to announce some good news. Maddie has fully recovered from the ATV accident! Spears announced,

So blessed to say that my daughter has fully recovered, and returned to all her normal activities which means I had to as well. Today is my first day back to work I want to thank everyone again for all their prayers... God truly blessed us with a miracle... Love y'all #GodisGood

Here's the full post.

According to Us Weekly, not only has Maddie returned home and fully recovered, but she's also back in school and playing her favorite sports again.

Spears recently shared this video of Maddie playing basketball following the accident.

It's like it never happened! The power of prayer is strong, my friends!

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