Brad And Angelina Are Divorcing, But I'm Still Not Over Him Dumping Jen


I'm stuck in the early 2000s.

Along with my butterfly clips, the fact that it took me way too long to chuck my Aeropostale hoodies and still classifying Britney and Justin's all denim ensembles as perfection, I'm still not over Brad and Jennifer breaking up.

The demise of their relationship was like a detonator going off, telling everybody love was over, and we should all stop trying. And then -- he fell in love with Angelina Jolie and suddenly everyone forgave him.

Everyone but me.

I'm still on the Brad and Jennifer bandwagon. Jen may be married to Justin Theroux, but her quintessential Jen phase was in the ending years of "Friends" -- you know, when the "Rachel" was a thing, when Joey Tribbiani wasn't gray, and when although, you had no idea what she was really talking about, you couldn't wait until you were old enough to know (and do) that "seventh thing" Monica kept talking about.

Brad Pitt cheated on Jennifer Aniston, the most popular woman of that time. She was Americas's Sweetheart, the woman who, not just me, but thousands of young girls epitomized as beautiful, sophisticated and the ultimate definition of #squadgoals.

Not cool, Brad.

Angelina Jolie is beautiful. She does a lot for the environment, and for charity. She's a good actress and is clearly a good mom, who loves her children more than anything. Buuuuuttttt a cheater is, *ahem*, not the best person to start your relationship off with.

People can change. For all these years Brad has seemed supportive and doting of Angie and their brood of kids. But the basis of their relationship was founded on a lie; it was rooted in distrust and betrayal. How could that possibly last when trust is one of the most vital building blocks of any healthy and sustaining partnership?

If I were Angelina, I would have to wonder every day if my husband would falter. Every time he was on set with another beautiful woman, I'd question him. I would be scared he would do it again -- because that's a common fear for a lot of people.

But when you started your relationship by lying to someone else, someone who was an innocent party, someone who sat at home and bought the lies, someone who you made a public fool of -- how could you be so certain a relationship like that would last?

Brad and Angelina started off their lives together by ruining someone else's. Maybe not forever (Jen's been kicking ass ever since), but still, ruined in the interim. Remember when tabloids published negative things about her? when she couldn't go anywhere without the scrutiny from the public eye, from her own heartbreak?

Brad and Angelina breaking up is devastating to a lot of people. Love, for me, died a long time ago, when Brad broke my girl Jen's heart and I saw the rotting chemistry of the two of them on screen in "Mr. And Mrs. Smith."

I wonder if Jen is at home smiling at the irony of this.