#SquadGoals: 11 Specific Things Only You And Your Crew Will Understand

Studio Firma

Admit it: If a Fantasy Squad Goals League was real, you might consider swapping out a few members of your clique for Solange's multicultural pals or Rihanna's BBHMM clan.

But that thought only lasts for a second.

Your friends -- who've dealt with your Regina George schemes and entitled Carrie Bradshaw breakdowns and love you anyway -- are as precious as high-end designer labels in a thrift store.

Your bonds may have sprung up over grade-school friendship bracelets or college blackouts -- and no matter the circumstances, other folks pale in comparison to the soulmates you've accumulated over the years. They just get you.

Whether your squad amounts to two or 14, whether you rep an all-girl crew or a co-ed collective, here are 11 oddly specific things your squad does, says and thinks on a regular basis.

1. You're the ___ friend.

Sorry, everyone can't be the Beyoncé of her own Destiny's Child.

Know and accept your role within your crew. Are you the funny one? Cool. Your iPhone DJ skills could rival Hannah Bronfman's? Cue up some tunes! You're all fabulous parts of your squad's whole, but it's true what they say: A squad is only as strong as its weakest link.

2. Visual evidence is needed or it didn’t happen.

So you're sharing your Tinder tale about "crazy guy" who botched his chances or raving about a meeting Nicki Minaj at McDonald's. Great. Now send pics or screenshots to your squad or it didn't happen.

3. Full conversations in reaction gifs and/or emoji are normal.

To read a series of emoji takes Robert Greene levels of mastery and skill. Accomplish emoji-only banter with any member of your squad and you've essentially slayed the King Koopa of friendship.

4. You’re always invited.

“Can I come?” is never a real question. If your squad is in attendance, your +1 is already accounted for.

5. Your friends' drunkenness incites laughter, not concern.

Declaring your inebriation status in a group text serves several purposes: You're letting your friends know you're having fun or indirectly begging them to stop you from drunk texting. Either way, this hilarious (misspelled!) exchange only sparks FOMO and documents jokes you'll revisit by morning.

6. Keeping tabs isn’t parental. It’s protective.

Yes, you have to text me when you get home safely.

7. You're annoyed by your group chat at least once a day.

Fifty million daily notifications from a group chat of four or more can drive anyone crazy. You want out! But then you'd miss everything, right? Grin and bear those tiny e-annoyances for the sake of the squad and juicy gossip.

8. There's universal hate for our enemies.

Your friends' enemies are your enemies. This rule especially applies to exes and co-workers they constantly complain about.

9. There’s a buddy system, not unlike kindergarten.

Venturing off alone is seldom. Unless of course you're at work. But when it's time to play, you know the importance of not rolling solo. And why would you want to anyway? Your squad is great company.

10. All Code Names Matter.

Only significant others are allowed to keep their true identities. Anything less than SO status requires a reasonably obscure nickname. Paul, Steve and Troy easily become "Bar Bae," "Detroit" and "Do Not Answer" when chatting with your homies, especially when in mixed company.

11. Brutal honesty is appreciated.

Look: None of us majored in emotions management.

If his or her IG post sucks, or his or her breath is less than Mentos fresh, keep it real with your clique. A blunt "Your drunk ass is being stupid" can save your BFF from a world of embarrassment, and they'll thank you by morning.

Say it nicely if you wish, but always make sure to serve up truth to friends.