Meet The Bodyguard Everyone’s Questioning After Kim Kardashian’s Armed Robbery


Meet Pascal Duvier: Kim Kardashian's main bodyguard.

The mountain of a man wasn't by her side when two masked men raided her luxury hotel room and stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry early Monday morning.

Instead, he was protecting her sisters Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian.

Since then, he's been the target of online abuse by people having a go at him for not being there to take a bullet for the star.

So who is this guy? Well, according to Kim, he's a total G.

You'll remember he recently made the headlines for tackling that complete douche who thought it was funny to try to kiss Kim's bum.

Obviously passionate about the laws that surround his duties, he wrote,

Here is where the legal system has a loophole. If I would have punched, I would have been charged with battery/assault. Actions of self defense are only permitted during an ongoing attack/threat. He is a known bothering individual and still the law does allow him to do it over and over again.

Pascal takes his job very seriously.

While he's active on social media, a pinned tweet from March 2015 shows him asking fans to stop bothering him with messages about Kim.

He's got some badass side-eye you DO NOT want to turn into a full-on glare.

This is a normal day at work for Kim's main bodyguard.

And his secret to staying in shape is easy: finding the gym with the biggest weights.

Kim was staying at the No Address Hotel -- real name l'Hotel de Pourtalès -- when the attack took place.

A number of men are believed to have stormed the luxury apartment complex just after 2 am local time and threatened staff at the front desk.

Once inside Kim's room, they tied her up and locked her in the bathroom while they stole her personal belongings.