Blake Lively Is Working On Her Post-Baby Fitness Goals

It's not even Christmas, and Blake Lively is already on top of her fitness New Year's resolutions.

Considering the 29-year-old actress gave birth to her second child a mere two months ago, her dedication to the gym is pretty impressive.

I mean, doesn't that just make you feel so inadequate?

What are you doing with your time, like, going to work and earning a paycheck to buy food because everything in life wasn't handed to you like it was for Blake?!

Wow, Blake is really putting you guys to shame here.

On Monday, Blake posted an early New Year's resolution on Instagram: to fit into her jeans again, presumably getting back to her pre-baby body.

In the caption, Blake wrote,

New Years resolution started early-- I WILL fit into my jeans again gall darnet. Thanks @getepicured for making it tasty. This is not an ad. This is me getting it up for healthy food.

(Note: I think it's kind of weird Blake Lively straight-up lies to us by saying, "This is not an ad," when this so clearly is an ad? Like, Blake. C'mon. We're not stupid. I don't blame ya for getting sponsorship, but don't lie to us.)

Of course, last month, Blake made her first red carpet appearance since the birth of her daughter, and already looks pretty good.


Sponsored healthy food isn't the only move Blake's taking to get back in shape — she's also been amping it up at the gym with her trainer, Don Saladino.

Over the weekend she posted an Instagram photo of herself hiding from Don.

Blake wrote,

#FitnessFriday current mood. @donsaladino gives me reason to hide!....

Apparently Blake had good reason to be hiding, because Don posted a video of the workout on his Instagram page, and it looks kind of dangerous.

While Don threatens to let go of Blake's legs, a panicked voice holding the camera shouts,

She's gonna fall, Don, back off! Don back off! Don!

Yeah, I don't blame Blake for hiding at all.

Well, I wish Blake Lively all the best in achieving her New Year's resolution.

Based on the amount of money and free time she has, I feel confident she'll get there pretty soon. Unless Don kills her first.

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