Blac Chyna Posts 'Dream Parents' Video For Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna's Instagram tribute to Rob will make you believe in love again, you worn-down loveless sack of bones.

There are few more toxic couples in Hollywood than Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian.

The stars of "Rob & Chyna" are passengers on the most insane relationship roller coaster ride out there, and thank God for the internet because we get to watch it all go down.

Over the past year alone, they got pregnant, they got engaged, they fought, they fought a bunch more, they got back together, they fought and they released their new reality show... before fighting a little more.


They then capped it all off by having a baby, a move that has for the time being sort of put a calm over the entire family.

It's changed things sooo much it even led to Blac Chyna posting an adorable tribute to Rob on her Instagram account.

Maybe this baby will change everything. Maybe this is the thing that turns Blac Chyna and Rob into the kind of people who shop at Khol's over the weekend and have arguments over tax returns or whatever married people argue about.

The video montage is well deserved as Rob has been acting like the most typical proud father out there.

First, he posted a mandatory new dad shot of baby Dream.

He then started a line of socks for his new daughter from Arthur George.

He even got Snapchat to hook him up with a custom filter for the occasion.

Because the baby IS a Kardashian, you know she needs to have a dog filter put on her face at least once.

Last week he even posted this heartbreaking side-by-side picture of Dream with his father, Robert Kardashian, who died in 2003.

Dream is already crushing it on her own social media accounts.

Her Instagram page already has over 555,000 followers.

Dream Kardashian is like a week old and already more relevant than anyone you know.