Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Get Into Hangry Argument Over French Fries

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OK! Lesson learned. You do not screw with Blac Chyna's fries.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian fight louder, harder and more frequently than 99 percent of the couples you probably know. It's sort of what they're relationship is based off, and, you know what, I respect that.

Every couple needs to have their relationship hinge off one or two main things. For instance, I have a couple-friend whose main thing is rock climbing, and they also really like the concept of Greek yogurt -- and they're super happy together.

If they didn't have either of those things I honestly don't know what they'd ever talk about, and they'd probably break up.

Fighting is just Rob and Chyna's thing. It's how they function in this world and what keeps them together.


I have no idea what the fight in that video above is about, but it is more intense than anything I've ever been a part of. I think it has something to do with french fries, but that's sort of where my understanding of the feud comes to an end.

Also, french fries are a happy food so I don't really know how anyone can be sad when they are around. This fight makes no sense, but I'm LOVING the intensity.

The funny part is, this fight isn't even the worst one they've had on camera. Hell, it's not even the worst throwdown they've had this season on "Rob & Chyna."

Remember the first episode with the whole "WHY YOU TEXTIN' BITCHES?!?!" fight?

Yeah, terrifying. Blac Chyna is the single most terrifying character on reality TV and, honestly, good for her. She fixed Rob up and got him out of that spiral he was in. She can go ahead and play whatever role she wants.

TLDR: Don't fuck with Blac Chyna's fries.

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