Blac Chyna's Mom Posts Photo With Kris Jenner, Says Baby's 'On Her Way Soon'

Facebook/ E!

It's been over a month since I begged E! to provide Tokyo Toni with her own “Rob & Chyna” spinoff, and yet the world is still struggling along without one.

Really, E!, what gives? You're supposed to be entertainment television. Let's get to entertaining.

Until the day comes when we can soak up every glorious, Toni-trademarked side-eye and sound effect on the small screen, we'll just have to engage with Blac Chyna's mom via social media.

On Tuesday, Toni reached out to future in-law Kris Jenner the only sane way: She Instagrammed a monochrome pic stitch of their faces.

Instagram/ Shalana Hunter

In the caption, Toni thanked Kris for “being a great person” to Chyna.

She wrote,

Hi @krisjenner… Our baby is on her way soon… WAH WAH WAH I can't wait to hear that sound… God bless you for being a great person to my 'Our' daughter. We have to talk beauty secrets too for you are gorgeous darling… All these girls what are we going to do? Love them all to pieces!

Kasual Konspiracy theorists may assume Toni's caption hints at Blac Chyna going into labor last night, but Chy posted a selfie before bed that lacked the sweaty, fluorescent allure of a labor shot.

Toni switched her Insta to private on Wednesday morning, which is honestly a travesty on par with global warming, but she updates her Facebook regularly with live videos so, like, chill out. It's all going to be fine.

When Chyna and Rob Kardashian do finally welcome their baby girl to the world, she'll be lucky enough to have Toni to cut through the bullshit.

Over Fourth of July weekend, she set Rob straight after a series of disappearing acts, telling him,

You gotta stop what you're doing, OK? You're gonna ruin it.

Don't ruin it, Rob, or you'll have Toni to answer to and yourself to blame.