Beyoncé Breaks Silence After Birth Of Twins To Give BET Awards Speech

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The BET Awards were last night, and Beyoncé was the night's biggest winner with five wins out of her total seven nominations, in accordance with the laws of the universe.

But Queen Bey couldn't make it to this year's award show because, well, she literally just gave birth to twins, so she deserves to sleep.

No need to fret, little bees, 'cause Bey had a plan set in place for if/when she won the Viewer's Choice Award for "Sorry" from Lemonade. She had her Parkwood Entertainment prodigies Chloe x Halle take the stage and accept the award in her honor along with a speech for them to read for the audience.

Before reading Beyoncé's speech, Chloe x Halle had some words to say about their mentor.

Halle said, "We are so honored to accept this award on behalf of Miss Bey, an iconic artist, a trend setter, a rule maker, a rule breaker, and our forever inspiration and mentor."

Chloe followed, "Yes, it is my pleasure to read her note of gratitude."

The speech said,

Thank you BET for this award and your tremendous support of Lemonade. This has been a journey of love, of celebrating our culture, honoring the past, and approaching the present and future with hope and resolve. Thank you to my mother Tina Knowles Lawson for being my biggest, biggest teacher and consistent influence. Thank you to my entire family for so much love. To my team at Parkwood, thank you. And thanks to all the fans, my BeyHive, for riding with me. I love and appreciate you. To everyone at the show tonight, you all look so beautiful and at home, thank you and have a wonderful, wonderful night. From, Beyonce.

Be still, my beating heart.

In case you don't know about Chloe x Halle, they're sisters with voices of literal angels who are signed onto Beyoncé's label, Parkwood Entertainment. Bey has been their mentor ever since they signed with her.

This is the first word we've heard from Beyoncé herself since she gave birth to her twins — a boy and a girl allegedly named Shawn and Bea (!!!) — last week.

We are desperately waiting to hear from you, Bey!!! A pic of Shawn and Bea could both end me and restart my life right now, Bey!!! Please give us literally any update from you and not anonymous sources, Bey!!!

Anyway, people love Beyoncé's protégés, whom you should definitely know about.

Other highlights from the night included Chance the Rapper winning the Humanitarian Award and DJ Khaled bringing out his infant son onto the stage during the closing performance of "I'm The One."

Congrats on all of your wins, my queen. You deserve literally every single award under the sun.