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Ariel Winter Defends Boyfriend Levi Meaden On Instagram


Wow, wow, wow, world. Let's leave Ariel Winter alone, shall we?

The 19-year-old star of Modern Family has spent the bulk of her career defending haters and rolling with unfair punches, and once again she has taken to social media to stand up for herself.

I'd say, "this time it's personal," but it's always been personal. However, this time they're coming after her boyfriend, and trust me when I say she is not having it.

According to Cosmopolitan, a magazine called Star Magazine ran a recent story regarding Winter's relationship with boyfriend Levi Meaden, making some pretty insane and big accusations. In the article, they insinuate Meaden is not in fact her boyfriend, but rather her paid personal assistant.

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Ugh, what are we DOING, guys?

Using her Instagram to defend herself as she has done in the past, Ariel posted the following message:

Yes, girl.

Ariel Winter has been incredibly candid about her love for Levi Meaden, recently getting matching tattoos and gushing about him on late-night television.

The actress has made it very clear she doesn't care what anyone else thinks, so do not come for her, and certainly DO NOT come for her boyfriend.

Seriously, guys. Stop it.