Ariel Winter Blushes On The Red Carpet Over Her New BF

If you want to know about Ariel Winter's relationship, you'll have to go through her publicist, who will say no. So, deal with it, I guess.

The “Modern Family” star walked the red carpet at the TrevorLIVE Los Angeles Fundraiser in Beverly Hills with her new boy Levi Meaden.

The event, hosted by The Trevor Project — a crisis intervention and suicide prevention organization geared toward LGBT+ youth — marked the pair's first appearance together, though the 18-year-old dodged questions about their Thanksgiving holiday, which was documented by her friends on social media.


While her 29-year-old love interest was off-limits, Ariel did mention her support of TTP, especially in light of the recent election results.

She told E!,

Trevor Project is so amazing for LGBTQ youth … I think that it's really important for young people to be there supporting and speaking out and continuing with their fight. I think it's really important for me to be here.

Starring on a show like “Modern Family” helped a younger Ariel understand the importance of representing diverse family dynamics in film and TV, though she claimed she's always maintained a “love is love” approach to sexuality.

She added,

It was never weird for me when I was young … It was always something where I was like, 'If you love each other, no matter what you are, you should always be together.' For me, when I was on the show, I loved that there was that dynamic with the age gaps, with having a gay couple on the show. I loved it. It was kind of like, 'Love everybody. Love who you are. Love who you're with.' I love that we kind of normalized that on the show. I love the feedback we got from that. It was really incredible.

The show also launched the career of Sofia Vergara, who — let's face it — we are all better off with in our lives.

Like, honestly.

Thank you, television.

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