Sofia Vergara And Joe Manganiello Shared The Most Romantic Honeymoon Pics

As the Year Of Breakups comes to a strong close, one couple is softly chuckling at the romantic misfortunes of many as they clink glasses of champagne over warm, white sand.

Sophia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are digging for crabs, lounging on the beach and generally having a much better week than you at Parrot Cay, a private resort on Turks and Caicos, E! News reports.

So far, the honeymooners have been gracious enough to share a few photos from the trip, allowing followers to join in and pretend they're not sitting at work, wasting time on their phones.

The “Modern Family” star posted a closeup on Instagram of two hot dogs (or legs? Nahhh, hot dogs) and her new hubby swimming in the distance.

Manganiello tweeted a selfie taken by Vergara with him hunting for dinner in the (slightly closer) distance.

In another post on Instagram, Vergara insisted the pair will “never forget this place,” as her hot dogs floated in the distance.

Now we must wait for the announcement of the absurdly beautiful child conceived on this trip.

In the meantime, I brought hot dogs.

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