Anna Kendrick's Explains Why She Gets 'Worried' When Kendrick Lamar Is Trending

by Anna Menta

Anna Kendrick might just be the second funniest celebrity on Twitter.

(Sorry Anna, but you can never be first. That coveted title will always belong to Cole Sprouse.)

But the 31-year-old "Pitch Perfect" actress does have a decent shot as a runner-up with this timely joke about Kendrick Lamar's new album.

Are you guys ready for some relevant celebrity comedy or what?! Here we go...


In the midst of the "Kendrick Lamar just dropped his new album" party on Twitter, Anna sends out a tweet reading,

Every time "Kendrick" is trending I get worried I'm in a Ghost situation and this is how I find out I'm dead.


I gotta hand it to Anna, this is pretty funny.

I also automatically assume a celebrity is dead when I see the name trending on Twitter, and it probably would be jarring to see my own last name on the top of the trending list.

Luckily, "Kendrick" was not trending because Anna died and became a ghost. It was trending because of Kendrick Lamar highly-anticipated, fourth studio album, DAMN, which dropped at midnight on April 14.

So obviously, people on Twitter were pretty damn excited.

They were even more excited because Kendrick's producer was dropping hints on Twitter that there might be even more to come soon.

Sounwave writes on Twitter,

But what if I told you... that's not the official version..

Then goes and adds a picture of Morpheus from “The Matrix,” so of course this drove fans into a frenzy.

Many even believe he'll be dropping another album in two days, on Easter Sunday, to emulate the resurrection of Jesus (especially because he seemingly "dies" in the intro of Damn). 


So there was definitely a lot Kendrick talk going on in the Twitter-sphere. Luckily for Anna Kendrick, it wasn't about her demise... this time.

(Sorry, Anna, that wasn't a threat. I just thought it'd be funny. It wasn't? You're calling the police? Fair enough.)

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