Kim Kardashian will executive produce Netflix's 'Calabasas.'

Kim K Is Making A Glitzy Netflix Show With The Pretty Little Liars Creator

Wait, this sounds so juicy.

Kim Kardashian is all in on her jump from reality TV to scripted shows, and her latest project is so close to home... literally. The superstar is executive producing the upcoming Netflix series Calabasas alongside her American Horror Story: Delicate co-star Emma Roberts and Pretty Little Liars creator I. Marlene King. Casting for the high school-set show has yet to be revealed, but the source material does hint that Kardashian may not be merely behind the scenes for this series.

The new show is based on Via Bleidner’s 2021 novel If You Lived Here You’d Be Famous by Now, a recounting of how the author adjusted when she moved from a midwestern Catholic school to the impossibly affluent Calabasas High. The book tells juicy tales about the millionaires, influencers, and former child stars Bleidner got to know as her classmates, including some tidbits about the name everyone associates with Calabasas: the Kardashians. Bleidner wrote about how Kim endorsed a secret lunch spot for the students, and how her ex-husband Kanye West had plans to turn the school into one of his private institutions.

It’s unclear how much the television adaptation will delve into the lives of the Kardashians and those around them, but with Kim on board as an EP, there’s a good chance she will at least make a cameo as a version of herself.


Calabasas is the latest in Kardashian’s foray into establishing herself in the film and television industry outside of her long-running reality show presence. Her first acting gig in years was starring in Season 12 of American Horror Story, and she’ll re-team with Ryan Murphy for an upcoming Hulu drama about divorce lawyers. She’s also starring in an upcoming comedy movie called The Fifth Wheel and producing an Elizabeth Taylor docuseries.

So, when will Calabasas hit our screens? The info is still pretty light.

It Probably Won’t Air For A While

With development only just beginning, Calabasas likely won’t be ready to stream on Netflix until 2025 at the earliest.

Expect A Cast Of Young Up-And-Comers

Although there are a ton of celebrity name-drops in the book, the story really focuses on the students at Calabasas High, so get ready for your next fave teen show.