I. Marlene King Revealed Exactly Where Emily & The Twins Are In 'The Perfectionists'

by Nicholas Rice

After several whirlwind seasons of mysteries, lies, romance, and not going to the cops for help, Pretty Little Liars is ready to live on through Freeform's upcoming series, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists. Set to follow bad-girl-gone-good Alison DiLaurentis as she leaves Rosewood for a teaching position in a new town, the show will also feature fellow OG PLL character Mona Vanderwaal among a new cast of fresh faces. The PLL spinoff is set to premiere on Wednesday, March 20, and fans have already begun diving into the major mystery that will entangle them in the upcoming series. But of all the mysteries that await fans when The Perfectionists premieres, one question in particular has just been answered that had already been plaguing fans. Show-runner I. Marlene King just spilled all the details for PLL fans wondering, "Where are Emily and the twins on The Perfectionists."

Speaking to TV Guide, King revealed that "Emily and the babies are safe in Rosewood," and that more answers are imminent. "Alison comes to Beacon Heights because an opportunity arises that she can't pass up. It's very hard for her to leave Emily and the babies, but we will understand as the first 10 episodes play out what's happened in that relationship, why it's happening and why Alison is so far away from Emily." King also revealed to the publication that The Perfectionists will explain the separation in a way that stays true to the characters and who they are.

"I'm a huge fan of Emily and Alison too, but literally situations present themselves where you as a writer have got to adapt." She added, "I think we have done our best to be really truthful to who Emily and Alison [are], why they got together, and why they're not together now."

The publication also caught up with DiLaurentis herself during a recent trip to the Perfectionists set where actress Sasha Pieterse revealed more about the mystery surrounding her lover and their two children.

"Alison and Emily will always love each other. They have these two beautiful babies together. It's complicated. Life is complicated, and I think piecing themselves and each other and their world back together since A happened is difficult." I mean A did impregnate Alison in the first place, so totally reasonable.

Pieterse also added, "To be honest, [King] hasn't told me anything, so I'm actually not lying when I tell you I don't know all the details, but it's very clear that Alison loves Emily and the babies. I think both Emily and Alison need time to process their life and I think that's what it is."

And speaking with Entertainment Tonight back in June 2018, King revealed that the twin babies will make an appearance on The Perfectionists.

"You will see the twins, yeah. They’re a little older now. I think they're toddlers now," she shared. "They’re, like, maybe 3."

However Alison's adorable twin daughters Grace and Lily appear in The Perfectionists is yet to be seen, but we can only hope their appearance brings along Shay Mitchell's Emily Fields for a beautiful Emison reunion.