Buzz From 'Home Alone' Grew Up To Look Exactly How You'd Expect Him To (Photo)

by Connor Toole
20 Century Fox

You probably noticed a trend on the Internet recently where seemingly every single person who had any sort of role in a television show from your childhood entered a cocoon of maturity and emerged as a hot, sexual butterfly.

I'd like to avoid listing the entire cast of every show to air on Nickelodeon in the '90s, but the highlights include the kid with the big ears from "All That," both Eugene and the titular character from "Hey Arnold!" and one of the stars of "Spy Kids."

If you have problems ignoring confirmation bias, you might think, "Aren't any of these people susceptible to underwhelming genetics and the inevitability of time?" before remembering Macaulay Culkin exists.

As you'll soon see, there's a very good chance a sacred relic was unearthed on the set of "Home Alone" at some point during filming that cursed all of the child actors on set to grow up to be perfectly average.

While doing research for another article about "Home Alone," I thought I recognized Buzz's hateable face from somewhere else, but I couldn't figure out where. Then I realized...

...the actor who played Buzz never stopped acting, and he was cast in one of my favorite roles from the movie "Nebraska," where he plays the burnout living in a dead end town in Middle America you always wanted Buzz to become.

His name is Devin Ratray, and based on his filmography and his Twitter account, he seems to be doing just fine despite never magically transforming into an Adonis.

Buzz looks exactly how you'd expect, and I think that's even better.