The Voice Of Eugene From 'Hey Arnold!' Grew Up To Be Insanely Hot (Photos)

Last week we introduced you to Lane Toran, the guy who voiced your favorite football-headed character on the show "Hey Arnold!".

If that old-school Nickelodeon heartthrob made you want to build a life-size shrine out of gum in your closet, you might want to brace yourself.

Apparently, Toran isn't the only "Hey Arnold!" actor who's looking hella fine these days.

Remember that super nerdy character, Eugene Horowitz?

You know, the accident prone, red-headed kid who was constantly getting hurt.

Well, we just discovered the guy who voiced this clumsy character is Blake McIver Ewing, and you'll be glad to know he's also quite easy on the eyes.

Yep, this "Hey Arnold!" hunk has done a lot of growing up since days of being Eugene's voice on season five of the show.

It's not hard to see puberty has been more than kind to Ewing; this 30-year-old actor is insanely f*cking hot.

Seriously, it's almost hard to believe Eugene could be so damn irresistible in real life.

Take a look at the photos below to see what the voice of Eugene looks like now.

If you watched "Hey Arnold!" back as a kid, you probably remember Eugene Horowitz.

You know, the jinx of the PS 118 crew who was always hurting himself.

Well, we accidentally stumbled across the guy who voiced this unlucky character and it turns out he is more than OK.

In fact, Eugene is pretty f*cking hot IRL.

Nickelodeon / IMDB

Meet Blake McIver Ewing.

Ewing voiced Eugene's character for season five of "Hey Arnold!".

It's almost hard to believe someone who played such a nerdy character on television...

...could be this damn sexy in real life.

In addition to voicing Eugene, this child star also played Derek Boyd in "Full House"...

...and Waldo, the character who tries to steal Alfalfa's bae, in "The Little Rascals Movie."

Nowadays you can find him melting hearts with his music...

...or fogging up our television screens as one of the heavenly hosts on the Bravo show, "The People's Couch."

Between his irresistible icy blue eyes...

...his smoking hot bod...

...and his cute, charming smile...'s not hard to see this dude turned out to be one hell of a catch.

I mean, seriously, just look at this babe.

I think I've suddenly forgotten how to swim.