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This Photo Proves Blake Lively Is Literally All Of Us When We FaceTime

There are two reasons to use FaceTime.

  1. To call home and talk to your dogs.
  2. To call your friends and family and scare them with the most unflattering faces.

Blake Lively uses FaceTime for the second reason (possibly the first as well, but I don't have any proof).

Yes, she's married to Ryan Reynolds, is best friends with Taylor Swift and can bake amazing birthday pies, but that doesn't mean she's above using the most effective method of communication to surprise her loved ones.

On Saturday night, Blake posted this on her Instagram account.

Her caption reads,

When that horrible aunt facetimes her nephew to wish him a happy 13th birthday... like he cares.#FutureCatLady

The sad thing is, sure, we all do this to our friends and family too, but we definitely look 1,000 times uglier. Oh well.