'Black Mirror' Season 6 was announced about three years after Season 5 aired.

A New Season Of Black Mirror Is Finally Coming After 3 Years

It's about time.


A lot has happened since Black Mirror had last dropped a new episode. After a novel virus caused the whole world to go into lockdown and completely change the way we live, it can sometimes feel like Netflix’s dystopian sci-fi series stopped being a piece of fiction and became reality. But now, the series is finally coming back to show us things can be much worse... maybe? If you’re ready for another round of technological horror stories, here’s what you can expect from Black Mirror Season 6, including when it might premiere and who may star in the new episodes.

Black Mirror fans have had to be wait a long time for a Season 6 announcement, but it finally came on Monday, May 16, via Variety. The confirmation arrived nearly three years after Season 5 dropped on Netflix in the summer of 2019, marking the anthology series’ biggest break between seasons. That hiatus was partially due to shifting production companies, and also creator Charlie Booker expressing doubts in pumping out such bleak content amid real global disasters. But now the dark drama is coming back for another round, and it’s never had more real-world inspiration to draw from. Here’s how Season 6 will be different from the last five.

Black Mirror Season 6 Predicted Release Date

As of Season 6’s announcement on May 16, the new season is only in its casting phase, which means it won’t be dropping too soon. Adding to the potential delay is Variety’s report that Season 6 will have more episodes than Season 5 did, and they will be “more cinematic in scope.” Season 5 only consisted of three episodes, so it’s up in the air whether Season 6 will just have an extra fourth episode or go all the way up to six episodes, like Seasons 3 and 4 had.

Given all that info, fans shouldn’t expect Season 6 to be released anytime in 2022 — hopefully the new episodes will arrive on Netflix sometime in 2023.

Black Mirror Season 6 Predicted Cast


Black Mirror is known for booking some of the biggest celebs to star in its dystopian stories, so Season 6 should be no different. Because past seasons have had stars ranging from Jon Hamm to Miley Cyrus, it’s anyone’s guess which actors will enter Black Mirror’s twisted world next. Hopefully Netflix will drop some names soon enough.

Black Mirror Season 6 Trailer

Filming hasn’t begun on Season 6 yet, so don’t expect any first looks anytime soon. Fans might not even get a glimpse at the new season until 2023.