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Billie Eilish's "Skinny" Is Seemingly A Diss Track To Her Own Fans

She's not here for fans who wanted her to stay indie.

Her album may be called Hit Me Hard and Soft, but Billie Eilish is only hitting hard on the opening track, which seems to be aimed at the press, social media, and even her own fans. The song “Skinny” is all about how the public perceives Eilish, from her body to her level of fame. And she’s not biting her tongue about how the critiques over the past few years have bruised her.

The core message of “Skinny” is evident in the song’s title: Eilish is tired of everyone commenting on her body (something she’s spoken about several times before.) “People say I look happy / Just because I got skinny / But the old me is still me and maybe the real me / And I think she's pretty,” Eilish croons in the first verse.

But she isn’t just singing to body-shamers. Eilish also seems to be firing back at fickle fans who have been resistant to seeing Eilish experiment with different aesthetics. In the second verse, she questions: “Am I acting my age now? / Am I on the way out?” The line may be a callback to when Eilish released Happier Than Ever, then posted that “literally all [she] sees” on TikTok are videos about her being in “her flop era.”

The rest of the verse also seems to be her addressing overly possessive fans: “And you said I was your secret / And you didn't get to keep it / And the internet is hungry for the meanest kinda funny / And somebody's gotta feed it.” The lines seem pointed at superfans who will post about how they miss Eilish’s pre-mainstream days, when she was still their “secret.”

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Eilish delivers her final message to her longtime fans in the outro, reassuring her love for them even if she gets annoyed at times: “I nеver did you wrong / And my patiеnce is gone / And I never did you wrong / I loved you for so long.”