Billie Eilish's third album is called 'Hit Me Hard and Soft.'

Billie Eilish's New Album Will Be A Lot Shorter Than Her Last 2

The tracklist is not what fans expected at all.

After exploring a nightmarish dreamscape and finding her happiness, Billie Eilish is diving into a whole new realm for her third studio album. The singer began teasing her introspective new era in early April by adding all her Instagram followers to Close Friends and posting fuzzy blue photos. And after days of obscure hints, Eilish finally unveiled the album’s name and cover on April 8. Not only does Hit Me Hard and Soft already look like a marked departure from Eilish’s past, but her announcement confirmed she’s taking an entirely new approach to releasing her music.

Eilish revealed Hit Me Hard and Soft by posting the cover art on Instagram. The image shows Eilish dressed in all black as she sinks into a dark sea, falling from an opened white door above. The door seems to represent Eilish’s last album, Happier Than Ever, as it resembles the door featured in the video for that record’s title track. Her fall clearly indicated Hit Me Hard and Soft will be a completely different sound from Eilish’s most optimist outing.


And that’s not the only big change. Eilish also revealed she will not release any singles from Hit Me Hard and Soft: “Not doing singles I wanna give it to you all at once,” Eilish wrote in the album announcement.

So, it’ll be up to fans to pick the standout tracks from this new album themselves. And that won’t be too daunting of a task, considering Hit Me Hard and Soft will be shorter than either of Eilish’s previous releases.

The Album Only Has 10 Songs

Perhaps the most surprising break from the norm about Eilish’s upcoming album is just how sparse the tracklist is. Eilish hasn’t unveiled the names or lengths of the Hit Me Hard and Soft songs, but she did confirm it will only consist of 10 tracks.

That’s six fewer songs than Happier Than Ever, and four less than her debut When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?.

It’s Arriving In Time For Summer

Hit Me Hard and Soft will swim onto streaming services on May 17.