The best 'Jersey Shore' quotes will have you saying "aaawww yeah."
15 Jersey Shore Sayings That Will Forever Stand The Test Of Time

“Aaaaaawww yeah."

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MTV's reality hit Jersey Shore had its original series finale in 2012, after infiltrating the pop culture landscape in 2008 (remember all those Snooki Halloween costumes?) and spawning a new breed of inescapable slang that America just can't stop repeating all these years later. Jersey Shore quotes are a part of this world forever, whether you like it or not. And thanks to the iconic reality show’s 2018 reboot, Jersey Shore Family Vacation (which wrapped up its fourth season on Sept. 2, 2021), the days of "T-shirt time" and "meatball power" are back in full swing.

The Jersey Shore spinoff reassembles most of the cast who went on to become household names as a result of the show's success. Yup — Snooki, JWoww, Deena, The Situation, Pauly D, Vinny, and Ronnie bring their talents for more on-camera shenanigans. The first four seasons took place in various locations, from the OG shores of Miami to Los Angeles to a COVID bubble in Las Vegas. The fist-pumping glory is set to return for a fifth season, along with the return of Snooki after her absence during Season 4.

Fans can almost smell the Ron Ron juice already. Is it possible to develop a secondhand hangover just by watching this show? If you need to brush up on the intricate language of Jersey Shore sayings, now is as good a time as any. Here are the most memorable quotes the cast blessed us with — may you continue to use them in your everyday life accordingly.

"You Stalk My Whole Entire Life"
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During Season 1, Danielle ran into Pauly at the boardwalk and got jealous that he went on a ride with another girl. When she called him later, Pauly said she stalked his “whole life on the boardwalk.” Then he followed up with, “You stalked my whole entire life.” For those times when it’s not enough just to tell someone to leave you alone, this quote takes petty drama to a Jersey-fied next level.


Snooki — always reliable for those descriptive one-liners. As the self-proclaimed life of the party, it’s only fitting that she coined the remix for “getting wasted” early on in the show. From then on, you could pretty much count on her singing this phrase every time drink-o’clock rolled around.

"Where's the Beach?"

Ah, this classic memory of frazzled Snooki trying to find the beach when it was right next to her. After getting so completely “wastey-pants,” it’s no surprise that the location of the neighboring beach was seemingly so covert. However, in everyday use, this quote doesn't have to be restricted to situations where you literally can't find a beach — it essentially applies to any moment where one is just confused beyond repair.

"It's T-Shirt Time"

T-shirt time is a special time. It embodies the naive enthusiasm before a night out. That hour where you're getting ready, excitement is building, and anything can happen. This phrase came as a preliminary warning chime, courtesy of Pauly, that it was almost time to go. It was usually stated before yelling his other all-star quote, “Cabs are here!” T-shirt time meant that the cabs were almost there, and it was time for everyone to put shirts on.

*Fist Pumping*

It's not exactly a quote, but this significant action deserves recognition in the canon of Jersey Shore phrases. It's the physical embodiment of the cast’s lifestyle. This is the quintessential pump-up dance move you can always count on seeing from the whole crew when there’s a hype song playing.

Any Sentence Referencing "Grenade"

No, this is not a reference to a Bruno Mars song. According to Vinny, originally, a "grenade" was the friend of the person you were hanging out with, someone a wingman would entertain while you made your move. But Pauly also defined a “grenade” as an undesirable friend to avoid at the club. Hey — they made it up, so who knows?

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“GTL” stands for gym, tan, laundry. In the late aughts, this ubiquitous routine abbreviation was on the mouths and tank tops of Jersey Shore viewers everywhere, and everyone and their grandma learned what it meant. Gym, tan, laundry was the way of life. This ritual saw the crew routinely gathering to work out, tan, and wash their laundry in one fell swoop.

"Aaaaaawww Yeah"

This is more than a quote — it's a state of mind. Another of Pauly’s iconic catchphrases, “aww yeah” can be used alone or before another word or phrase, followed by another “yeah” to add a punch of emphasis. Think, “Aww yeah. Wake up. Yeah.” or “Aww yeah. Happy birthday. Yeah.”

"Cabs Are Here!"

This is arguably one of the best Jersey Shore quotes of all. Once Pauly announced “T-Shirt Time” and the shirts were on, he would call out “Cabs Are Here” to officially decree that the night was underway — and that the cabs were in fact, there. It was the dinner bell of pre-gaming, if you will.


Sammie coined her catchphrase thanks to constant arguments with her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Ronnie. Feel free to use this in a sentence when you want someone to end whatever it is that's annoying you. They don't even have to be named Ron. If they're cool, they'll know what you're talking about.

“People Should Go To School At A Bar”

This is not one of the most well-known of Jersey Shore sayings, but it’s hilarious all the same. While sitting at a bar on the boardwalk, Deena came up with the novel idea that “people should go to school at a bar.” Not everyone will condone this idea, but maybe Deena should take the concept up with Shark Tank.

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Curtesy of Snooki and Deena, “meatballs” is the word that the duo came up with to call themselves. As two of the shortest cast members, they thought it was a fitting name — and the fans must agree, because the title is still used today. “Meatball” evolved and was also used to describe any short woman who looked similar to Snooki or Deena.

“Yeah Buddy”

Does Pauly ever run out of pure-gold one-liners? “Yeah Buddy” is another of his go-to catch-phrases used during times of enthusiasm — which happen often. You can use this Jersey Shore quote in pretty much every situation (pun absolutely intended).

“My Only Rule: Never Fall In Love At The Jersey Shore”

Ronnie came into Season 1 of the original show with one rule, and props to him for trying not to break it. But this played into the birthing of his next iconic quote two seasons later. “I definitely regret breaking my number one rule: Never fall in love at the Jersey Shore,” he said, referring to his breakup with Sammi.

“Fresh To Death”

Looking fresh isn’t an option for Pauly — it’s a requirement. Nope, he always says everything has to “just stay fresh,” from the outfit to the hair to the tan. This golden (fresh) trio is what he calls “fresh to death.” So when you’re really feeling yourself with a new outfit or a set of nails, you can consider yourself “fresh to death.”

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