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Becca Kufrin slammed critics of her engagement to Thomas Jacobs.

Becca Slammed Critics Who Said Her Proposal To Thomas Was "Desperate"

Yeah, that’s a no.

Jim Spellman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

‘Scuse me now? During a June 7 episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, host Becca Kufrin revealed that reactions to her engagement to Thomas Jacobs have been mixed to say the least. The former Bachelorette star proposed to Jacobs and shared the exciting update on May 29. But apparently, some overly traditional folks took issue with the fact that she popped the question. Um... is this not the 21st century? Luckily, she seemed pretty unbothered by the haters’ comments. In the episode, Kufrin responded to critics of her proposal, and let’s just say, they’re looking pretty silly now.

“We’ve received so much love from people, but I’ve also seen comments where people are like, ‘She’s desperate,’” the former Bachelorette revealed on June 7. (Um, rude.) “But why does it, as a female, make me desperate to want to [propose] to somebody? If Thomas in a week were to do the exact same thing, no one says he's desperate. It doesn't make sense to me. The logic's not there." Where is the lie? IDK when loving someone and committing to them (as a woman) became automatically “desperate,” but can we can knock it off?

Kufrin continued to put those haters in their place, “F*ck the gender norms!” Agreed. Fortunately, her Bachelor In Paradise beau seemed to have no qualms about the unconventional gesture. On May 29, Jacobs called her proposal “the ultimate UNO reverse card / power move” on Insta. He added, “You keeping me on my toes for a lifetime has a great ring to it.” S’cute!

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing for the couple leading up to this moment though. Fans may recall that at the end of their Bachelor In Paradise season, which aired in October 2021, Kufrin and Jacobs broke up. At the time, Kufrin told Jacobs that she couldn’t move forward with him because she didn’t “100%” know him. Thankfully, it seems like they resolved that issue quickly. ICYMI, the two were already back together by the season finale. (And yes, Bachelor Nation fans everywhere let out a major sigh of relief.)

In line with their forward-thinking spirits, the future spouses are planning on sharing a last name after they’re hitched — either Kufrin-Jacobs or Jacobs-Kufrin. “We’ll have our kids hyphenate as well, because they’re part of both of us,” Kufrin explained to podcast co-host Michelle Young. Iconic.

Good for Kufrin, doing the damn thing and standing her ground. The only “desperation” I’m sensing here is *certain* people’s desperation to uphold the patriarchy. SMH.