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Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs hang out on the beach during 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 7.

Here's Why Fans Already Knew Becca And Thomas Got Back Together After Paradise

Even after their breakup on the show, viewers were convinced.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

For the first time in Bachelor Nation history, a former lead joined the beach of Bachelor in Paradise to try for another chance at love this season. Soon after former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin joined Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, she coupled up with an unlikely suitor, the “villain” of Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette season, Thomas Jacobs. Over the weeks, their cute relationship won over a lot of fans, but their time on the beach came to an end during the season finale after Becca decided to call it quits. However, even though they didn’t make it all the way to the end of the season engaged, Becca and Thomas are indeed together after Bachelor in Paradise.

Becca and Thomas had a dramatic start to their relationship. Thomas was first coupled up with Tammy Ly, but when Becca received a date card, she asked Tammy if it would be OK for her to ask Thomas out. While it was thoughtful of Becca to go to Tammy first, that didn’t make it hurt any less when Thomas broke up with her to be with Becca. Tammy left the beach in tears, and then Becca and Thomas were free to pursue their relationship on the Paradise beach.

Things seemed to be going well between Becca and Thomas until the Season 7 finale. That’s when Becca told Thomas that she didn’t think she could move forward with an overnight date because she didn’t “100%” know the real Thomas. She may have felt like she didn’t fully get to know Thomas before that, but Thomas made sure she saw his most vulnerable self during their breakup when he fully burst into tears.

Seeing Thomas show such big emotions over their relationship made Becca start to reconsider their split. As Thomas left the beach, Becca chased after him and seemed to be really touched by his tears. “It sucks that I'm seeing another side to Thomas that I've been wanting to see this whole time,” she said. But even after Becca chased after Thomas, they left in separate cars. However, Becca seemed to leave the door open for a reconciliation. She said, “I see a whole different side to him and he’s asking me to have faith in him. I’m torn.”

A lot of fans have been sleuthing on social media and concluded that after they left the beach, Becca and Thomas found their way back to each other. Fans have noted that they each have posted photos that include the same home decor, making it seem like they’ve been hanging out in the same spaces. Becca also said on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Paradise was the most fun. It was so worth it. It was the best time. I have no regrets.” Such a positive review of her time on the beach certainly makes it sounds like she and Thomas had a happy ending.

The biggest hint that Becca and Thomas are still together came the same day the finale aired when Thomas posted a photo of him and Becca from Paradise with the caption:

I feel safe with you. As if nothing could ever go terribly wrong … Thank you for being someone who I can put my trust in, someone who would never hurt me, someone who would never push “us” away …

These theories were proven at the end of the BIP Season 7 finale, when a montage of all the contestants’ current statuses aired. The cute and cheesy segment revealed Becca and Thomas found their way back to each other after the show and are very happy together, making them one more Paradise success story for the books.